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Septic cleaning

At Millers Sanitary Service of Kutztown, PA, we strive to provide you with exceptional septic tank cleaning services at competitive prices. Trust us to use DEP and EPA-approved dump site and treatment facilities to take care of your septic waste.


We comply with township ordinances and complete all necessary paperwork for your convenience.We prefer to have the man hole lid exposed when we arrive to do our service. However, we understand this may not be possible in all cases and regret to have to charge an additional labor fee should we have to provide the digging. You can rely on us to empty and clean cesspools as well. Check out our FAQs for more information on our cesspool cleaning services.

High-quality septic tank cleaning work for your property

A full range of septic tank cleaning services

  • Empty and clean septic tanks (both standard and sand mound systems)

  • Empty and clean pump stations (sand mound systems)

  • Locate manhole covers and dig up to 6 inches (additional charges for more than 6 inches)

  • Install risers (manhole extensions)

  • Regular maintenance (pumping out or emptying and cleaning of septic waste, the tank, and inspection of the baffles) of your septic system

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Exceptional septic tank cleaning services

Septic truck